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full time wedding photographers. established in 2007. we have photographed nearly 300 weddings together.

Heather started out in photography by working for a couple local newspapers. Then a friend asked Heather to photograph her wedding in 2007 and Heather asked Walter to come along to assist. After this Heather and Walter fell in love with photographing weddings.

Heather Burks

I'm the outgoing one of the two of us. I like to talk a lot, maybe too much! My favorite craft beers right now are Catawba Brewing White Zombie & Kona Brewing Longboard Lager. I am a huge nerd and my current favorite TV Show is Doctor Who, favorite genre is anything horror, and my favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas & Beauty and the Beast is a close second! I won Most School Spirited in HS, but it's more I love dressing up. Any excuse, a holiday, cosplay, etc. I will take it! I say purple is my favorite color but if you look at my closet you might decide it's black or grey. Most of those will be Disney, Star Wars, or other nerdy graphic tees! I have a deep love for shoes, especially converse & boots! Also for 90s choker necklaces, I have way too many but always want more! My favorite food is tacos, I could eat them for every meal. My favorite place is Tijuana Flats at home or when traveling Torchy's Tacos in TX. Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower, funny because I have the Beauty and Beast Rose tattooed on my ankle, which is one of my 5 tattoos! I'm a planner, I have a list for everything. One Note and TickTick on my phone & tablet are my most used apps! I majored in Business Marketing at ECU and marketing is my other love apart from photography.

Walter Burks

I'm the more reserved one of the two of us, though I do talk more once I get to know you! My favorite craft beers right now are Olde Meck Brewery Captain Jack Pilsner and Boulevard Brewing KC Pils. We both love sports, but I'm by far the biggest fan. I had a Panthers themed bedroom growing up and even though I have tons, Panthers or Hornets gear is always a perfect present for me! I went to ECU too and majored in Business Administration and Political Science! Politics and weather are the two things I really enjoy outside photography. Twitter and Facebook are my most used phone apps. I love keeping up with everything that is going on. I'm a very picky eater, I eat almost everything plain. My favorite place to eat at home is Bojangles, when we travel I always have to stop at In N Out if they have one. I have 3 tattoos, mine & Heather's dating and wedding anniversary in Roman Numerals, and a Hawaiian tattoo since it was the last of our 50 states. I love watching movies and TV Shows a lot. I also love music, my favorite genre is Hip Hop/Rap but I do love listening to Pop music and occasionally Country. Though I'm bad at picking favorites for any of those. I love technology, currently loving having Alexa make our house into a smart home!

The Burks

We met when we were 11 years old & became best friends. We started dating in middle school at 14 years old and have been together ever since. We got married in 2011. We LOVE to travel! We have been to all 50 states together, it took about 6 years to do! We have also been to 13 countries together. Though we love to travel we love home, Gastonia, and love spending time in Charlotte. We could never imagine not living in the Charlotte metro! We both love technology a lot and are constantly getting new tech gadgets. Our latest obsession is the Samsung s9 plus and the Galaxy Watch! We love our sports teams: the Panthers, the Hornets, and ECU (our Alma Mater). We try to go to as many Panthers and Hornets games as we can! Playing Strategy board games is one of our favorite hobbies. Walter's current favorites are Pandemic and Dominion and Heather's current favorites are Machi Koro and Catan, our mutual favorite is Mansions of Madness! We also love playing our Nintendo Switch. You can find us most of the time walking around Target, we love that place! The other place you might find is at a brewery. At home you will find us at Olde Meck Brewery in Charlotte or Cavendish Brewing in Gastonia. Traveling we love to try new beers and adding to our Untapped! Our favorite holiday is Halloween. We go ALL out for it with the decorations and costumes (though that is more Heather's thing!) We have an 8 year old Maltese named Jagger, he's crazy!

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